In My Igloo

Handmade Jewellery and Needle Felted Animals


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My main aim and love is to make jewellery, mostly one offs and individually made that everyone wants to wear, I work with gold and silver and rarely does a piece finish out how it was originally intended.

In My Igloo came about when other things were created. I got a dog, so my mum knitted a coat for Colin and the word spread in the local park, next were tags for their collars and then bandanas.

The upcycled furniture grew after a clear out to an auction but somehow the car was more packed on the way back, these items are restored and painted, given new sparkly knobs and given a second chance in a new home.

I don’t remember where the idea for the Creatures came from, but with their total individuality, vintage button eyes and tails, adornments from necklaces to tutus and flowers, they will soon be the first friend you want to say hello to when you come back home.