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hallmarking trip to London…..

I miss London so to make a trip to pick up bits that have been hallmarked isn’t such a chore, wish I’d had a bit more time to catch up with friends but it was great that I had a few orders to finish so I came back to a sunny Yorkshire to make them. My friend Lee asked for an ankle chain with angel wings, two of them as you can’t just have one, they have to look after each other, and you



Lee also ordered a necklace which I’d made for my mum’s birthday and posted on Facebook which I was really pleased about as I enjoyed making it. It involved some oxidising which I enjoy, the silver and black contrast really well and the dangly bits doesn’t look the same left as plain silver and I think the hallmark on the front, rather than hidden on the back ┬ájust sets it off nicely.

bash necklace 2_opt



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