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Back on the ‘road heart’ search…..



This one is in the middle of Masham. Visit if you have the chance, go to the

Masham Gallery and then go get a waffle with maple syrup and cream in the tea

room near the church with yellow painted windows. Yes, I can’t remember its name,

the waffles had my total attention.

IMG_0636 - Version 2

hallmarking cont……!


All the hallmarked bits, ready to be made into something – not sure what yet!  it’s better if you mark them, then you get the stamp exactly where you want it.



hallmarked bits copy



hallmarking trip to London…..

I miss London so to make a trip to pick up bits that have been hallmarked isn’t such a chore, wish I’d had a bit more time to catch up with friends but it was great that I had a few orders to finish so I came back to a sunny Yorkshire to make them. My friend Lee asked for an ankle chain with angel wings, two of them as you can’t just have one, they have to look after each other, and you



Lee also ordered a necklace which I’d made for my mum’s birthday and posted on Facebook which I was really pleased about as I enjoyed making it. It involved some oxidising which I enjoy, the silver and black contrast really well and the dangly bits doesn’t look the same left as plain silver and I think the hallmark on the front, rather than hidden on the back  just sets it off nicely.

bash necklace 2_opt


Wooden Heart

Even trees grow in heart shapes……




Mr Colin found one today…….

This one is on the Pennine Way, at the end of another long walk. I’m

sure his legs are getting shorter.



Journey to The Lakes


I’ve decided the Lake District is one of the nicest

places on earth. On the Honister Pass on the way

to Windermere.


From the Langdale Chase, who have the biggest


red squirrel


and do a great breakfast


Never been here, not far away so why not……


Not a lot there but probably quite a tight knit community, the

tide was out so she was stranded. Maybe the tide doesn’t make

a difference!

IMG_4628 2

This needs no words


Neither does this really

Then the whole great day finished off with this


xxxxxx 🙂


Spotted this one in beautiful Hawkshead 🙂



The Phantom Framer

Road signs and other signs being framed in Teddington, South West London by the ‘Phantom Framer’, no one knows who it is! They keep getting taken down by the council but everyone wants them to stay, I think it’s a brilliant idea, hope they’re found out and get lots of business!

Screen Shot 2015-04-17 at 18.30.33

Chewing gum heart


No heart today, but an exclamation mark!

To my good friend Sue M, I challenge you to find one of these. Do you think the workmen were having fun? x