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Hearts by Henry


Truck loads of love………..

Heart Truck

Walking in the Dales (Colin in front)


Flat Eric on the Pennine Way

Let me know if you find him 🙂



A prop bought for ‘Craft In The Pen’ in November, however, this is when it was still in the auction house – naughty porters!!


Gotta cool down somehow…

Colin & Hosepipe

Along the Thames…

Well, all my friends are busy spotting, this one by Penny Morton-Hunte – Penny, I hope you dug it up and took it home, it’s gorgeous! x

Penny's heart

Even potatoes have hearts…

I didn’t find this one but my friend Lynn did!! I love that I’ve got

everyone looking out for any kind of heart. She’s excelled herself,

(and she was always far better than me at ‘knitting silver’)!

Heart Potato 1

Salts Mill

Salts Mill in Saltaire, one of my favourite places to go. They might not

know but there’s a heart in the stairs!




Screen Shot 2015-06-20 at 22.15.26

Screen Shot 2015-06-20 at 22.14.04






Into the woods…..

I sent a friend of mine a picture of the woods I was walking with Mr Colin in:


and she (Sue McLachlan) said I can’t see any hearts? (or dog poo), well

it was too late for the latter, I’d already been out for an hour or so,  so I sat

down on this heart log:



and made her this:


Love to you and Dan xx